1st Titans Divas Winter Cup a grand success

Regina Titans Women Cricket team.

It rained sixes at the Glencairn Community Centre Gym as Divas decided to bring their ‘A’ game to the 1st Annual Titans Divas Winter Cup. Cricket was the eventual winner as the Divas were divided into three teams that displayed a brand of cricket females can proudly call their own. We saw top-notch individual performances, might comebacks, complete domination and a desire to win – all in 3 hours of heartwarming Cricket action.

Divas Yellow was led by Amily Aziz, Green by Nida Wasi and Blue by Jyotsana Patel. The eventual winners, Divas Yellow, lifted the trophy after some heart-pounding moments. They had to chase down the biggest innings total to win the trophy and they did that with 3 balls to spare.

The teams were as follows:

Divas Yellow:

Amily Aziz(C)

Aesha Vyas
Sadaf Fatima
Sobia Fatima
Puneet Bedi

Divas Green:
Nida Wasi(C)
Krishna Trivedi
Neha Dalip
Arti Saini
Srushti Patel

Divas Blue:
Jyotsana Patel(C)
Irshad Maroowala
Sanam Iftikhar
Nisha Dalip
Arshi Adeel
Sidrah Khan

Top performers were as follows:

Player of the Tournament – Puneet Bedi

Most Sixes – Srushti Patel

Most Wickets – Sadaf Fatima

Players of the Match: Arti Saini, Neha Dalip, Krishna Trivedi, Irshad Maroowala, Aesha Vyas, Amily Aziz, Nida Wasi, Sanam Iftikhar.